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Improve Your Health

Begin improving your health as we help you adhere to the prescribed plan that your doctor(s) have designed. At Rice's Pharmacy, it's more than just filling and dispensing medication. We offer free education courses and services that put you in control, which leads to better overall health.
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Enjoy Better Living

Our goal is for you to achieve a better, healthier life through ongoing care. It doesn't stop with just getting a prescription. It's a journey with you using one-on-one personalized coaching and management.

Simplify My Meds®

Simplify My Meds® is a coordinated refill program that allows all ongoing refills to be ready on a single, convenient day each month. This also means you can reduce your trips to the pharmacy—saving you time and money. Plus, you'll never run out of your medicine again. You'll get a proactive call a week before your "sync" date that will give you a chance to discuss changes or concerns. 

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We're all different and have varying tastes and preferences. With a doctor's prescription, we can customize your medication to fit your unique needs. We have an onsite compounding lab that can work directly with your doctor. Medications can be altered to fit you, and even your pet as well!

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Rice's Pharmacy has trained professionals to administer vaccinations. The flu (Influenza) vaccine is available on a seasonal basis for adolescents to senior adults. The shingles (Herpes Zoster) vaccine is also available year round and recommended for people ages 50 and older. Call for an appointment or walk-in when it's convenient for you.

Bring your insurance information and photo ID.

If you schedule an immunization, check in 10 minutes before your appointment. 

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Diabetic Management

At Rice's, we've developed Diabetic Management Services that will help eliminate confusion and provide expert care. We want to properly equip you so that you are in greater control of your diabetes. Our trained diabetic consultants are ready to meet with you at your convenience. 

Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management (MTMs) is a methodical, proven approach to help patients take medications correctly, and includes review of medication therapy, development of a personal medication record and action plan, coordination with physician, documentation, and follow up. An assigned pharmacist will have one-on-one meetings and phone calls with you to make sure you are staying on track. 

Medical Equipment

Rice's offers a full department of medical equipment to equip you for better day-to-day living including safety rails, wheelchairs, lift chairs, oxygen equipment, and diabetic shoes. We also have a respiratory therapist and custom diabetic shoe fitter on staff. For more information, just give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our medical equipment technicians. 


Blood Pressure Monitoring

High blood pressure is also known as HBP or hypertension. The American Heart Association recommends home monitoring for all people with high blood pressure to help the healthcare provider determine whether treatments are working. Rice's can administer blood pressure monitoring in our store by cuff, which can be a solution if home monitoring is difficult. However, blood pressure monitoring at Rice's is not a substitute for regular monitoring and visits to your physician. 

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Rice's Pharmacy Delivery Van


​We get it. You're sick, the weather is bad—no worries! We will deliver the medicine right to you. Call and request this service and we will happily bring your medicine to you. Just look for the Rice's vehicle and our delivery person can facilitate payment right at your doorstep. 

Medicare Consultations

You keep up with the times... Does your Medicare Plan keep up too? Make sure your coverage is keeping up with your medication and health changes. Schedule an appointment today.

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