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If you are interested in being a part of our team, please follow this link to see our list of open positions.

"Like a family, we all have different outlooks but strive for the same goal. We have many faces and personalities but are one team. Rice's is all about the customer and making a difference in the community."

Lexi Amos, 13 years

"It means working for a company that has a reputation for integrity, reliability, honesty, and excellent customer service. A company very good to its employees."

Lisa Edge, 5 years

"It's all about people - the owners, the management, my fellow co-workers, the customers. Meeting new people daily, finding out commonalities. It's also a fun atmosphere... busy, but fun. The wonderful food - birthday lunches, great parties, are another reason to love my job."

Ellen Tichenor, 16 years

500+ In-Kind Donations Annually
300 Medicines Available
60+ Team Members
1 Million Prescriptions Filled Since 1945
75 Medical Equpment Products
1000 Gift Gallery Items

Not Your Average Pharmacy

Our culture promotes leadership, service, and teamwork. We understand that we have a job to do and with it come benefits. However, we view it as a privilege to serve and we know that life is too short not to have fun!

Meet the Team

Our trained staff is always here to serve you.

Our Benefits

Health Insurance

Retirement Savings

Discount in our stores (excluding prescriptions)

Our Fun

Monthly Team Lunches

Halloween Dress-Up

Secret Pals

Annual Christmas Party Extravaganza

David Figg


Seth Herron


Meredith Figg

Director of Health Services

Amy Tichenor

Director of Compounding

Chris Rumans

Director of Technology

Brian Mayes


Amber McCree


Brett Renfrow


Leslie Sampley


Randy Thorpe

Pharmacist-in-Charge (Fordsville)

Callie Charles

Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician

Kelly Durall

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Jenifer Aguilar

Pharmacy Technician

Laura Foster

Pharmacy Technician

Danielle Rearden

Pharmacy Technician

Kayla Calloway

Senior Certified Entry Technician

Kamryn Brownd

Entry Technician

Ali Culbertson

Entry Technician

Karen Chinn

Compounding Technician

Rachel Baize

Team Leader

Mark Bennett

Team Leader

Shandi Brownd

Team Leader

Lacey Porter

Team Leader

Joe Edge

Medical Equipment Specialist

Sue Jarvis

Senior Customer Care Specialist

Barbie Embry

Customer Care Specialist - DME

Isaac Barton

Customer Care Specialist

Kaileigh Davis

Customer Care Specialist

Angela Embry

Customer Care Specialist

Aubrey Rearden

Customer Care Specialist

Elysia Sailing

Customer Care Specialist

Valkye Addington

Customer Care Specialist - Driver

Charlie Snodgrass

Customer Care Specialist - Driver

Mary Chinn

Inventory Manager - Gift Gallery

Jami Diaz

Customer Care Specialist - Gift Gallery

Natalie Gipson

Customer Care Specialist - Gift Gallery

Josie Greathouse

Customer Care Specialist - Gift Gallery

Jennifer Shrewsbury

Interior Designer

Pharmacist and Customer

We're All In

Making better health happen for you. Our drive and motivation come from seeing people achieve better health. It's more than just a job here, it's fulfilling a purpose. We're always on the lookout for top talent, and we want other self-motivated and passionate people to join, not just our team, but also our family!
Pharmacist helping family

Our Mission

Our goal is to be a Christ-centered pillar of the community providing compassionate service and installing leadership development and personal growth within our team.
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Three pharmacists

What Rice's Means To Me...

Testimonials from our valued employees
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